Welcome !

Welcome to 1-more-thing’s website! Whether you are seeking advice about your software or web strategy or are looking for a training program, whether you are a consulting firm or are seeking expertise on a specific issue, 1-more-thing is the partner for you.

As a new company set up in 2009 while the economic crisis was in full swing, 1-more-thing sets itself apart from the mass: its unique organization and approach have been designed for today’s new market needs.

"Partnership" is what we are all about. Not only do we focus on the service you need at a specific moment in time, but we also concentrate on what that service can deliver for you in the short, medium and long term, and on what we can develop together in the future.


In order to achieve this goal, 1-more-thing is organized as a skills-based network. After all, why should we offer to build you a web site or conduct software development for you if we cannot put the best specialists on the job, those that can guarantee the success of your project?

Whatever technologies are required to accomplish your goal, we will provide you with the best possible people.

Is there an accounting dimension to your project? A dedicated specialist will liaise between your accounting department and our development teams.

Does your website need to run an embedded Java application? We will not assign it to some "php-whizz-that-knows-a-little-Java".

In contrast to conventional companies that can usually only acquire these extra skills by expanding or becoming unwieldy, we prefer our organization to remain lean and hyper-responsive. As a client, you have everything to gain from this simplicity: you deal with only one contact person, secure in the knowledge that you have a portfolio of highly-specialized providers to tap from whenever a task may require specific skills.

Our approach

"Partnership" takes on its full meaning only if you are satisfied at all times.

A partner is not only a service provider.
It is a friend in business.

Your satisfaction with a completed IT project is not enough for us: we want to fulfill your expectations at every step in design and development.

By keeping a constant focus on the value of our service, we can ensure that what we do for you really does add value to your business.

In any IT project, some time is spent on necessary tasks are that carry no immediate profitability. Through our development and project management methods, as well as through our top-quality consulting services, we make sure that the time devoted to such tasks is reduced to a minimum, allowing you to reap the returns on your investment more quickly.


1-more-thing is based in Belgium (Brussels) and in France (Paris). So far, our clients requested our expertise in those countries : Belgium, France, Switzerland, Canada, Luxemburg, Germany, Russia, United-States, United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Philippines.