Category: Technique

Category: Technique

Quick Find: the forgotten feature

26 September 2018 - Author : - Category : English content, FileMaker, Technique

Released with FileMaker 11, more than 8 years ago in 2010, Quick Find is probably one of the most underestimated features in FileMaker. For some reason, there wasn’t even much emphasis in the product marketing when it was released. Platform evengelists would mention it as a ‘Google-like search engine within FileMaker’, product documentation said ‘search […]

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Master/Detail and Detail/Master

20 July 2018 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, FileMaker, Technique

One of the most important features of FileMaker 17 is the “current found set portal”. It makes it easy and fast to display the list of found records on the layout (Master/Detail). Not only does it display them, but it allows to browse records with a single click, without having to write a script or […]

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Client Side Virtual List

2 July 2018 - Author : - Category : Conférence, English content, FileMaker, Technique

Last June at dotfmp 2018 in Berlin, we had the great honnor to welcome an esteemed Californian member of the FileMaker developer community, Kevin Frank (@FileMakerHacks) Besides being a long time friend -I remember the old times when participating in our 'Friday Night Chat' at 3AM CET wasn't an issue for my young, fast-recovering body- [...]

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dotfmp Developer Challenge

12 June 2018 - Author : - Category : Blog, Conférence, English content, FileMaker, Technique

At recent dotfmp conference in Berlin (did I already mention this is the best FileMaker conference I know?), a developer challenge was orgnised. The challenge was to find the fastest way to download data from a FileMaker hosted database to a FileMaker Pro Client over the network. The table had 50K records (10 fields) of […]

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FileMaker PHP API : an Open Source project

31 May 2017 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, FileMaker, Technique
Logo PHP

Version française Is the FileMaker PHP API at end of life? This is a question that could arise since a new technology appeared in FileMaker Server 16 to allow us to share data from a FileMaker database through a website: the REST API. However, although this new API (still in beta version – [EDIT: in […]

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Sorry America but…

9 November 2016 - Author : - Category : Actu, Conférence, English content
Cancel button

It is with great sadness that we have decided today to cancel our participation to the annual FileMaker Devcon next July. We had planned to go there with our families, but we really feel, as foreigners, muslims, blacks, jews, latinos, gays and women, that we’re not welcome anymore to the United States, and certainly don’t […]

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ODBC Import technique

3 November 2016 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, FileMaker, Technique

[Version française] In this blog post, I will share a technique that Laurent Spielmann (@laurent_at_joes) and I developed together and that greatly simplifies imports. It uses ODBC import. Have you never been bothered by inconsistent database structures between a data source and your own application? Have you never cursed the SQL developer who uses as […]

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Réaliser une Master Detail View

27 April 2016 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, FileMaker, Technique, Vidéo

[English below] [OBSOLÈTE] : FileMaker 17 intègre cette fonctionnalité nativement. Depuis —presque— toujours, FileMaker propose trois vues différentes sur les modèles : les formulaires, les listes, et les tableaux. Or bien souvent, un mélange des deux est bien pratique pour pouvoir simultanément parcourir une liste d’enregistrements trouvés, et visualiser les détails de l’un d’entre eux en […]

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FileMaker 13 tip: Horizontal portals

6 December 2013 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, Technique

It’s been a while since the initial release of FileMaker Go. In the meantime, iPhone displays have higher longer, but not wider… Didn’t your ever wish to scroll through records horizontally rather than vertically? This FileMaker 13 demo file quite does the trick! Download

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Hierarchal Portals Using ExecuteSQL

27 March 2013 - Author : - Category : Blog, Blog, English, English content, FileMaker, Technique, Technique, Vidéo

Recently, Doug West, Excelisys, published an interesting and simplified technique to manage hierarchal portals in FileMaker. Still, it relies on a data model that makes the handling of hierarchy difficult (move, duplicate, sort) or impossible (many-to-many relationships…) Here is an alternative based on the very same example (and the same data), using FileMaker 12 ExecuterSQL function, in […]

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Hide layout objects

27 April 2012 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, Technique, Vidéo

Script controlled tab switching Finally! FileMaker 12 provides a clean method to control tab switching by script and therefore to show/hide layout objects conditionnally, without requiring tricks like overlappling objects or complex scripts to reset the original tab. Here is a video and a very simple technique file, extremely easy to reproduce in your own […]

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Create related records from a field above a portal

15 February 2012 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, Technique

Two easy techniques to improve user experience If a user wants to easily create related records, a portal based on a relationship set to allow creation is obviously appropriate. Nevertheless, this built-in technique has some cons: the user needs to scroll to the first empty row before being able to create new records. he must […]

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FileMaker 11 Techniques

5 September 2010 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, Technique

FMConference 2010 presentation technique files Here are some techniques presented during the 2010 FileMaker Conference in Paris (Session 21 : FileMaker 11 for developers) Charts as a design tool Embellish your layouts with gradients, using a chart object and a calculated field. Download New script triggers Process your data before it’s rejected by field validation […]

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10 FileMaker 10 Techniques

22 March 2010 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, Technique

At first glance, FileMaker 10 is mostly about a new interface and a new toolbar. But FileMaker 10 also introduces outstanding improvements for developers. Download these examples and see how the new features will change the way you develop. Radically. These files were presented at the Paris FM Conférence Fabrice Nordmann, founder of 1-more-thing. They […]

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FileMaker : Avoid “Hard-coding”

8 February 2010 - Author : - Category : Blog, English content, Fonction personnalisée, Technique

One of the nicest things with FileMaker is how free we are to rename things at any time. No matter if a field is used in a calculation or a script, you can rename it and FileMaker will update all dependencies instantly. When I try to remember the reasons why I chose FileMaker among the […]

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