Hosting : the professionnel FileMaker hosting - Hébergement FileMakerVia its service, 1-more-thing offers to host your FileMaker databases as well as your websites on dedicated or virtual servers, starting at 85€ VAT excl./month ! dedicated/virtual

Your server in the cloud managed and administered

Starting at 85€ VAT excl./month¹

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FileMaker Cloud

by Claris²

We assist you in installing, configuring, and maintaining your FileMaker Cloud instance

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¹ FileMaker Server Licence not included
² Claris International Inc., formerly known as FileMaker Inc., is an Apple subsidiary

All the benefits of hosting Filemaker databases, compared to a local server:

  • You offload the configuration, maintenance and security of your server (regular backups, updates, firewall …)
  • Your databases are accessible from anywhere without compromising your network security
  • You get an extremely large bandwidth
  • Your data can be integrated into a website without cluttering your internet connection or reducing overall performance
  • You benefit from a professional and reactive assistance in case of problem

Here is how we distinguish ourselves in the FileMaker hosting business:

  • Hosting is managed by real professionals.
  • Data centers (production and backup) comply with the strictest standards (electrical independence, multiple telecom operators …). They are located in Europe (Belgium, France) for optimal performance and legal protection of your data.
  • You can reach us anytime by phone.
  • Our prices are customised. We bundled services that are commonly needed in packages, for your convenience; however you do not have to select a premium package for a single feature upgrade. Describe your situation, and we will calculate a custom price.
  • You benefit from advice. All our customers say it is the advice that makes the difference.

Do not hesitate to contact us to better calculate the price of your FileMaker hosting or to test your solution for free on our servers. In any case, we study your need to adapt our service and provide you with a tailor-made price and an optimal price / quality ratio.

To test our service, send us your files by e-mail or wetransfer. You will quickly receive a link to connect to your database.