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fmcloud.fm1-more-thing hosts your databases (MySQL, FileMaker), websites and more, on dedicated, shared, or virtual servers, from 19€/month VAT excl. for mySQL and 85€ /month VAT excl. for FileMaker!

All the benefits of hosting Filemaker databases, compared to a local server:

  • You save on the purchase of licenses and updates, and on a server that must run 24/7 with no downtime.
  • You get all the advantages of FileMaker Server Advanced
  • You offload security issues (regular backups, server security)
  • You get a remote access to your databases from anywhere in the world, without compromising your network security, and with an extremely large bandwidth
  • Your data can be published on your website without cluttering your internet connection and reducing overall performance

Our servers are located in data centers, providing you with a 150Mbits/sec bandwidth (so that maximum speed, at least if you’re in Europe or in North America, is only limited by the speed of your internet connection).

Here is how we differentiate from a majority of providers in the FileMaker hosting business:

  • servers are managed by real hosting professionals, not FileMaker developers who “fiddle” them after their working hours.
  • we don’t send you e-mail like “sorry, we’re leaving on holidays for two weeks, we hope everything will be fine”. We take hosting seriously.
  • our bandwidth is simply phenomenal. And truely available.
  • data centers we work with (for production and backup) fulfill all professional criterias and more (power independence, multiple carriers…)
  • we charge for what has cost for us. Not for what hasn’t. For example, most providers charge depending on the number of files you host. We don’t. Your file is large? So what? Storage doesn’t cost much anymore. Why should we charge for that?*. Would you like to stop hosting your files temporarily or definitively? It costs us the press of a button. We won’t charge…
  • you receive your bill at month end, once the hosting has been provided, not before. We may well stand as the last company in the world to refuse to charge for a service that has not been provided yet!
  • we provide a high level of advise. All our customers tell us: that’s what really makes the biggest difference.


Here are the packages we currently offer. All of them can be adapted to your specific needs.

All our packages include a local backup every other hour, a daily backup on tape, and a weekly backup on a server abroad (Poland), to prevent disaster risk.

fmcloud Starter

Suitable for small workgroups.

Up to 5 ‘permanents’ users.

Fair use (2 GB) of ‘old style’ containers.

1GB of storage for remote containers. (Extra GB at 5€/month).

fmcloud Pro

Suitable for middle sized workgroups.

Around  15 ‘permanents’ users.

Fair use (5 GB) of ‘old style’ containers.

5GB of storage for remote containers. (Extra GB at 5€/month).

fmcloud Dedicated

Host your server in our data center

85€ VAT excl./month

79€ VAT excl./month

From 259€ VAT excl./month

Contact us for an estimate based on your specific needs or to test your solution on our servers for free. In all cases we will study your specific situation in order to offer you the best, bespoke service and rate.