Master/Detail and Detail/Master
Master/Detail and Detail/Master
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Master/Detail and Detail/Master

One of the most important features of FileMaker 17 is the « current found set portal ». It makes it easy and fast to display the list of found records on the layout (Master/Detail).

Not only does it display them, but it allows to browse records with a single click, without having to write a script or add a button.

Besides, it reflects the sort order, which means you can now design a real Master/Detail view.

In this demo file, I’ll show you a few tips, among which:

  • how to use the new Get ( ActiveRecordNumber ) function to highlight the current record in the portal
  • use the found set portal to browse records, and a simple button bar to act as a sortable column header

But also, on a second layout called Detail / Master, you will see what happens if we inverse the perspective and use the current found set portal as the main item of the layout body. We can suddenly use ‘list views’ on a form layout. Benefits:

  • avoid the annoying « No record message » of FileMaker list view when user clicks on the body
  • edit the record in a form without leaving the list view (right pane)
  • add an action / navigation bar on the whole list height (left pane)
  • you can now adjust the window and control its height

There is a missing feature though: no sub summary layout parts.


Download a sample file here.

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