2.0 2.0

We do it again! But worldwide. 2.0, FileMaker hosting service on Linux

For already 11 years, has been 1-more-thing’s FileMaker hosting service.

From the start, it was created to establish a state-of-the-art standard in FileMaker hosting.

Before that, we, as customers had so many terrible experiences (single person companies calling themselves hosting companies, servers stacked in a kitchen…) that we thought FileMaker users deserved a real high quality service.

We partnered with specialised companies and data centres, invested a lot of money and energy to guarantee the best possible service to our customers, and up to this day, we always managed to provide it at a very reasonable price that reflects our real costs, not our dream cars price. For instance, why would we charge more if you have more files when an instance of FileMaker Server can host 125 of them, with no more cost than if you have 1?

One example that illustrates our philosophy: we don’t have term commitment on our contracts. Our customers stay with us because they are satisfied with our service, not because they are captive.

FileMaker hosting is now less expensive than a local server!

Today, we’re pushing this logic further. A lot further.

As you may know, Claris just released a Linux version of FileMaker Server. It’s a game changer.

Based on this major evolution, we have invested in new infrastructures, new processes and we are now able to offer the best possible service worldwide.

As of today, our service is available wherever you are, from data centres in Europe (France), USA East Coast (PA), USA West Coast (OR). More will come. Australia, Canada and Singapore are just a matter of days, and we are able to deploy in almost any data centre in the world that matches our security/privacy policy, so don’t hesitate to ask us.

Our hosting customers benefits from our full service: licenses, support, secured external backups, incredible performance…

And to celebrate the launch, we’re cutting our prices! For a limited period of time, you can benefit from the best FileMaker hosting service for as little as 59USD/month (49EUR/month) for 5 users! For 12 months. (Standard price: 69USD, or 59EUR)

Our data centers (green: available, blue: soon, everywhere else: contact us!)

Pro plan

  • 30GB storage per 5 users
  • 4 CPU guaranteed
  • Host 125 databases
  • Connect using FileMaker Pro/Go
  • Data API/OData
  • Web Direct
  • ODBC / ESS
  • System scripts (in schedules)
  • Multiple machine deployment (workers)
  • Custom domain/SSL certificate

Starter plan

  • 10GB storage per 5 users
  • 2 CPU guaranteed
  • Host 125 databases
  • Connect using FileMaker Pro/Go
  • Data API / OData


Yes, it’s a cloud, and yet we can afford to remain flexible.

Are you in a special situation?

  • SBA license
  • Specific storage needs
  • Multiple instances for the same license?

Do you need to use a specific data center, not listed among ours? Contact us.

All our plans include

  • Outsourced secured backups
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Support (English / French)
  • Optional FileMaker license management

Our ‘old’ Windows Virtual Private Server plans are still available


Does the price include FileMaker license?

No, we can provide you with a FileMaker license, but that is extra cost. A typical corporate FileMaker license for 5 users is 16€/month, to which you should add the hosting cost of 9,80€. The more users you have, the cheaper the license AND the hosting service are.

Why do you call it "BETA"?

Our service is fully functional and has been tested extensively, but we prefer to call it beta before we can certify that our uptime is over 99.99%.

Why do I have to enter that many information in the configurator?

Yes, we agree, life would be easier without this, but this is required to propose the best deal to you.

Select the license that suits your needs best and the corresponding hosting plan. Some other Claris Partners even use our configurator to find out the correct license to propose to their customers!

If privacy is your concern, be reassured that it is ours too. Here is our privacy policy.

What will happen if I enable Web Direct on my Starter plan?

We’ll call the cops.

No, seriously… You will receive an e-mail to suggest an upgrade if you keep using a Pro-only feature. We won’t disable the service or charge you without notice. It’s perfectly OK to turn on a feature just to try it. If you really need Web Direct for a limited period of time (a registration campaign for instance), just tell us, we’ll upgrade your plan for just the required time.

Try our online configurator to find out the correct plan for you: