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Knowledge sharing is one of our core values: our team members are regular speakers at various FileMaker community gatherings, they also actively participate in technical forums, and contribute to open source projects.
This very blog is also a place where we share with you ideas, technical discoveries, features … and of course some pieces of our everyday lives.
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Custom apps integrated into a Central System: the example of UCLouvain

11 October 2019 - Author : - Category : Technique

For the last 5 years we have been the reference consultant for FileMaker at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCLouvain). With no less than 240 programs of study, this university, spread over 7 sites in Belgium, welcomes more than 30 000 students. With an excellent reputation in education, UCLouvain is also renowned in the field [...]

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FileMaker launches its Marketplace

12 September 2019 - Author : - Category : Blog, Conference, FileMaker, News
Marketplace launch

Today Claris launches its FileMaker Marketplace. Guess who got the top spot on the first page? Nutshell Console of course ! The flagship product of the season, cited many times during the last DevCon in Orlando. Beyond this sweet satisfaction, we are very excited about this FileMaker Marketplace. While there isn’t much content at this […]

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FileMaker Inc. becomes Claris

7 August 2019 - Author : - Category : Conference, FileMaker, News
DevCon 19

A quick note from Orlando, where 1-more-thing’s Romain Dunand and yours truly attend FileMaker DevCon’19, the annual FileMaker developer conference. Brad Freitag, the new CEO – who had previously held the position of sales manager for six years – made some sensational announcements at the inaugural keynote. The most striking is the name change of […]

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11 June 2019 - Author : - Category : Uncategorized

As every year in June, the dotfmp unconference took place in Berlin last week, and as every year, it was the best FileMaker events for geeks. Thank you so much, Egbert, for making this event so interesting and pleasant. 1-more-thing was there with 5 team members (Jean-Frédéric Struyven, Laurent Spielmann, Andries Heylen, Yann Trauchessec and [...]

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FileMaker Devcon Istanbul

24 April 2019 - Author : - Category : Conférence, FileMaker
FileMaker Devcon Istanbul Logo

Nous sommes heureux de sponsoriser la première édition de la conférence FileMaker Devcon Istanbul, qui se tiendra les 22 et 23 juin prochains. Nous souhaitons bonne chance aux organisateurs Cabitaş, et que cette édition soit la première d’une longue série. Nous profitons également de l’occasion pour faire connaître nos partenaires Winsoft International, éditeur basé à Grenoble […]

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Bienvenue Yann !

7 December 2018 - Author : - Category : Actu, Blog

Aux bords du lac de Paladru (Isère) on trouve d’autres trésors que ceux laissés par les chevaliers paysans de l’an mil… On y dégote par exemple des développeurs FileMaker chevronnés ! En cette fin d’année 2018, nous sommes ravis d’accueillir dans l’équipe de 1-more-thing Yann Trauchessec, un développeur multi-langage avec comme prédilection celui de FileMaker. […]

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La saison des conférences

6 November 2018 - Author : - Category : Actu, Conférence

Bien plus que celle des feuilles mortes, octobre, est pour la communauté FileMaker la saison des conférences européennes. L’équipe de 1-more-thing était bien évidemment de la partie pour y assister et y contribuer en tant qu’orateur et sponsor. Au FM Summit de Gand, Andries nous emmena à la découverte de la nouvelle fonctionnalité de la […]

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Quick Find: the forgotten feature

26 September 2018 - Author : - Category : FileMaker, Technique

Released with FileMaker 11, more than 8 years ago in 2010, Quick Find is probably one of the most underestimated features in FileMaker. For some reason, there wasn’t even much emphasis in the product marketing when it was released. Platform evengelists would mention it as a ‘Google-like search engine within FileMaker’, product documentation said ‘search […]

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Master/Detail and Detail/Master

20 July 2018 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker, Technique

One of the most important features of FileMaker 17 is the “current found set portal”. It makes it easy and fast to display the list of found records on the layout (Master/Detail). Not only does it display them, but it allows to browse records with a single click, without having to write a script or […]

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Client Side Virtual List

2 July 2018 - Author : - Category : Conférence, FileMaker, Technique

Last June at dotfmp 2018 in Berlin, we had the great honnor to welcome an esteemed Californian member of the FileMaker developer community, Kevin Frank (@FileMakerHacks) Besides being a long time friend -I remember the old times when participating in our 'Friday Night Chat' at 3AM CET wasn't an issue for my young, fast-recovering body- [...]

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