A few weeks ago, Jonathan Fletcher was kind enough to invite Romain Dunand (@airmoi) and I (@FabriceN) to do a presentation at his Kentuckiana Developers Group.
The topic was a comparison of all possible ways to host a FileMaker database, from local server to Virtual Private Server, to, of course, our fmcloud.fm Linux/Docker solution.

If you want to understand the implications of Docker in the FileMaker universe, it is probably worth watching it.

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding about docker. Some people think about it as an extra layer of complexity, or something that would eat up the physical ressources. The opposite is true.
This slide illustrates how docker saves space (and maintenance operations, updates…) of the guest operating system on each server. Everything is a container, so FileMaker Server containers can share an Operating System container (they can also NOT share it, in situations where we want to have some servers running FileMaker Server 19.2 (CentOS) and some running FileMaker Server 19.3 (Ubuntu).

Virtual sever vs Container