FileMaker launches its Marketplace
FileMaker launches its Marketplace
12 September 2019 - Author : - Categories : Blog, Conference, FileMaker, News

FileMaker launches its Marketplace

Marketplace launch

Today Claris launches its FileMaker Marketplace. Guess who got the top spot on the first page?

Nutshell Console of course ! The flagship product of the season, cited many times during the last DevCon in Orlando.

Beyond this sweet satisfaction, we are very excited about this FileMaker Marketplace. While there isn’t much content at this time, the quality of what is available (apps, training …), make us confident that it will contribute to expand significantly the platform’s visibility.

We have some projects that might interest developers. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us or to meet us at future European conferences (scroll down the page for European conferences)

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  • Saurabh Das - 26 March 2020 - Reply

    O wow! Now, that is some interesting news. FileMaker has got a new marketplace? I am sure many software development companies maybe vying for that top position. This is a very nice and helpful news. Keep sharing more such posts on FileMaker products for the developers and software firms to stay updated.

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