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An easy-to-use app for FileMaker developers. Manages code snippets, functions, even menu sets and value lists… a must have!

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With 1-more-clip, your copied items are neatly sorted, ready to be selected and pasted to any project, script or layout.

1-more-clip works with

  • tables
  • fields
  • layout objects
  • scripts
  • script steps
  • value lists
  • custom menus
  • menu sets

Super easy to use

Always there when you need it: open it from the menu bar

Its compact interface doesn’t take up half of your screen!

4 avis pour 1-more-clip

  1. Bruckert Frédéric

    Great Tool ! Thanks !

    Is there a way to transfer code snippets to another computer ?

    • Fabrice Nordmann

      thank you for the comment.
      Currently no -well, technically yes, you can move the database from the Library folder-, but we’re thinking about having an online shared database so you could share clips with colleagues. Is this something you’d be interested in?

    • Fabrice Nordmann

      Just added an item to the FAQ

  2. giulio villani

    REALLY a excellent tool: only a suggestion (GUI-side). In my opinion in the snippet list the will be better to have the description bigger than the category.
    I mean: for me is more useful to know what a snippet DO (i.e. « LOOP_CREATE_FROM_$LIST ») than what a snippet IS (« script steps(x) » ).

    • Fabrice Nordmann

      Good point. That is why we went for colors, because you can mentally switch between seeing the big colored, upper case texts (type), and the white small description.
      It’s almost fun to see how the brain can switch between the two. But we’ll see if we can make it even easier. Grazie per il suo contributo.

  3. Massimo Risca

    Nice! Do you plan to do this for Windows too?

    • Fabrice Nordmann

      hello. We’re still considering that option. Might happen, but not immediately.

  4. David Zakary

    Finding 1-more-clip to be really useful. I am having a couple of issues with it however… 1) it won’t always start automatically despite having the preferences set to and 2) I can’t add more than 8 items. This is a registered copy. The + button is greyed out and inactive.

    • Fabrice Nordmann

      these are 2 unknown issues. I’ll forward your request to our support team.
      Kind Regards

    • Fabrice Nordmann

      Our helpdesk could help you and it turns out there was a problem on your system. We hope you now fully enjoy 1-more-clip.

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