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Knowledge sharing is one of our core values: our team members are regular speakers at various FileMaker community gatherings, they also actively participate in technical forums, and contribute to open source projects.
This very blog is also a place where we share with you ideas, technical discoveries, features … and of course some pieces of our everyday lives.
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Everything about FileMaker 2024

4 June 2024 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker, News, Technique, Uncategorized

FileMaker 2024 has just been announced by Claris! See on As usual, when Claris announces a new version of FileMaker you'll find everything you need to know on our blog, for geeks and non-geeks alike. Ready, set, go! Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) This is of course THE most visible feature [...]

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Video: Get Started With FileMaker in 10 minutes… for FREE

28 September 2023 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker, Technique, Video
FileMaker: Get Started

When it comes to database management and application development, the FileMaker platform has been a trusted choice for years. However, with so much information available, it can sometimes seem like a daunting task to get started. That's where Fabrice Nordmann comes in to simplify the process for you. Who is Fabrice Nordmann? Fabrice Nordmann is [...]

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FileMaker 2023 20.2 – Layout Calculations – Video

26 September 2023 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker, Technique

Claris has just announced a new release of FileMaker, 20.2. Among other new features and improvements, let’s take a closer look at layout calculations. Video by Fabrice Nordmann Updates: I forgot to mention symbols in the video. Introduced very early (FileMaker Pro 2 or earlier), symbols like ## (page number), @@ (record number), “//” (current […]

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FileMaker 2023 – “Audit log”

25 April 2023 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker, Technique
FileMaker 2023 icon

As we saw in this detailed review of what's new in FileMaker 2023, one of the two flagship features, along with Perform Script on Server With Callback, is what Claris calls "Audit Log." There is so much to know about this feature that we preferred to dedicate a full post to it. Not an audit [...]

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FileMaker 2023

25 April 2023 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker, News, Technique, Video
FileMaker 19 to FileMaker 2023

FileMaker 2023 is available! an in-depth exploration. Claris just announced the immediate availability of the new version of FileMaker, FileMaker 2023. It has been a long time since we published a long article about a new version of FileMaker. The main reason to that was probably that numbering system in version 19 did not give [...]

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The Claris Excellence Award for Innovation goes to!

15 December 2021 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker, News
Claris Innovation Excellence Award Badge

It is a great honor and pleasure for us to announce that 1-more-thing has been awarded today by Claris with the most sought-after prize: the Claris Excellence Award for Innovation Indeed, the jury has recognized our revolutionary FileMaker hosting service, and the fact that it is light years ahead of traditional services. For two [...]

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Best Startup EU Names 1-more-thing Among The Top Data Integration Startups In Belgium

29 October 2021 - Author : - Category : Blog, News
Best Startup Logo

We are thrilled to announce we have been featured in the Best Startup EU Magazine as one of the top Data Integration companies in Belgium. Thanks to our expertise in designing Low-Code applications and integration/orchestration, 1-more-thing was selected due to exceptional performance in the innovation category, among the following categories: Innovation Innovative ideas Innovative route […]

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FileMaker on Linux / Docker – Presentation at Kentuckiana Developers Group

5 August 2021 - Author : - Category : Blog, Conference, FileMaker, Video

A few weeks ago, Jonathan Fletcher was kind enough to invite Romain Dunand (@airmoi) and I (@FabriceN) to do a presentation at his Kentuckiana Developers Group. The topic was a comparison of all possible ways to host a FileMaker database, from local server to Virtual Private Server, to, of course, our Linux/Docker solution. If [...]

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FileMaker Server on Linux: the 2.0 revolution

2 November 2020 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker, News

You have to get used to it, with the new short release cycles of FileMaker, important new features are no longer necessarily on a fixed date with a new version number. It is therefore no longer enough, for those interested in the FileMaker platform, to set aside some time in May to inquire about the […]

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FileMaker Add-ons: our vision

8 October 2020 - Author : - Category : Blog, FileMaker - Tag : , ,
add-on icon

#FileMaker #addons are changing the way developers build custom apps. Earlier this year with the release of FileMaker 19, it became possible for developers to create add-ons, which are reusable pieces of code or full features components of an app that can be implemented in various applications. 1-more-thing, a major Claris Platinum Partner based in […]

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