FileMaker, Workplace Innovation Platform
FileMaker, Workplace Innovation Platform

FileMaker : a complete platform
to create data management systems for
Mac Os, Windows, iOs and the Web

FileMaker is a powerful tool that allows the development of applications running on a network, Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone / iPad and the Web, and designed around a DBMS ( Database Management System ).

For 30 years, FileMaker has been providing a friendly “no need to be a computer specialist” environment, to build and deploy powerful solutions for data management, tailored to fit your needs.

With FileMaker Server, share your data securely across your network or over the Internet. Connect your application to other systems (mysql, Oracle, …). Also have an effective system of automated backups.
Integrate FileMaker into your data feeds with the REST, xml and php APIs.

FileMaker Pro Advanced

Design the tools you need with FileMaker Pro Advanced. Integrate them with the data systems you depend on. Then consult your data thanks to the tools of research, sorting and analysis of the data. No need to be a computer scientist to design an application!

Access your data from anywhere with your iPad or iPhone. Just install the FileMaker Go app and discover all the possibilities of FileMaker combined with iOS (barcode scanner, photo or video capture, signature, sensors …)

With WebDirect, interact in real time with your custom application directly from a web browser (including Google Chrome on Android), without any installation! Turn your application into a web solution without a single line of code.

1-more-thing, expert and partner of FileMaker

At 1-more-thing, we made FileMaker our technology of choice. The platform offers us the potential to quickly respond to requests for solution development from one user to a 500-person workgroup.

Some members of the 1-more-thing team have been working with FileMaker for over 20 years and are among the most recognized experts.

Based on this experience, we share our knowledge at major international meetings bringing together members of the community. (DevCon, FMConf, Summit FM, dotfmp, CQDF, PauseOnError, FM Devcon, ..)

1-more-thing : member of FileMaker Business Alliance
48 FileMaker Certifications
Having as interlocutor a certified developer, it is the guarantee of a knowledge of the tool.
But it is above all our experience that allows us to provide the best advice.[Translated]F. Nordmann

FileMaker 18 now available


Somewhat lost among the different types of license (per user? Per simultaneous connection? Purchase, update, rental, maintenance…) Do not hesitate to ask us your questions via the form below or by phone at +32 2 319 64 39 (Belgium) or +33 1 84 25 15 24 (France)

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