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Combine, visualise and understand your data


Connect Tableau to your data sources, analyse and quickly understand them thanks to a rich range of visualisations provided (graphs, maps …) and the unlimited possibility to create personalised ones.


Analyse your data by dragging and dropping. Combine different dashboards so that the relevant data becomes obvious.


Share your analytics by publishing your dashboards and visualisations on the web with Tableau Server.


Whether your data comes from your mysql web site, your FileMaker applications, Excel spreadsheets, or any other source you own or access via the Internet, you can combine them and extract the meaning.


Combine interactive dashboards to see the details of a subset of data, interact with your other applications (for example, select in your FileMaker application the data displayed in Tableau); Tableau is more than a reporting tool, it’s a real BI tool at your fingertips.


You can schedule the update of the data: in real time or preset frequency.

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1-more-thing offers comprehensive services


Who else but us can better understand your issues, and offer solutions to direct you to relevant data sources?

With our expertise in data design and analysis, you move in the right direction from the start.


When we do something, we do it properly. Our Tableau experts can do miracles when preparing your data, and designing relevant and interactive visualisations.
In synergy with our FileMaker expertise (among others), we offer interaction modes that cannot be found elsewhere.


Our cloud infrastructure ( lightens your initial investment and allows you great savings on user licenses. We tend to the technical aspects so you can better focus on your data.
Your data is safe, and hosted in Europe.


Our licensing plan is unique. No need to be a large group to access Business Intelligence. Get affordable rates for your early adopters.
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Discover our Tableau comprehensive offer: licenses, hosting, consulting

Current offer: 2 Viewer accesses offered for 2 months for any subscription to an Explorer license.

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