Tableau: licenses and hosting
Tableau: licenses and hosting

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Take advantage of our comprehensive offer focused on the Tableau platform.

Presentation of the Tableau platform

Learn how to combine FileMaker and Tableau to deliver a complete, integrated solution.

Design & Consulting

We assist you in configuring data sources and in collecting, preparing, cleaning and enriching data to build reliable and efficient sources.

We design or help you to design data visualizations (graphs, geographic views, reports …) exploiting Tableau’s powerful sort, filter and detail view functions. We carry out with you the secure publication of these dashboards by configuring users and groups management, data triggered alert systems and reports automated publication.

Finally, we build relationships between your FileMaker solution and Tableau to provide users with a fully integrated tool. (Travel from a Tableau chart to its data sources in your FileMaker lists and forms, trigger FileMaker scripts from data or groupings in Tableau … imagination is the only limit)

Service Price € excl tax
1 hour (15-min. increments)   150
10-hour pack 1 350

Licenses & Hosting

Like FileMaker, Tableau is a platform composed of different tools:

Tableau Viewer allows you to interact with visualizations and dashboards, to use these tables in image or pdf format, to download aggregated data. With Tableau Viewer, you can create your own subscriptions and reminders.

Tableau Explorer is the online component you need to create and share dashboards, to set up subscriptions and alerts for other users, to manage access rights to your tables.

Tableau Creator is the tool that allows you to create and publish new data sources, possibly by preparing them with Tableau Prep. Tableau Creator contains the Tableau Desktop application which, as Explorer does online, allows you to create and adapt your dashboards.

Tableau Server allows you to publish your dashboards and access them from any browser, including from a tablet or smartphone. However, if you choose hosting, you do not need Tableau Server. This helps to lighten your infrastructure and especially your investment.

We know that your data is valuable; in addition to ensuring performance, we implement all measures to protect and safeguard your hosted data. Our servers are in Europe.

Tableau licenses and hosting: monthly amount per user, price in € excl tax
Nbr of user/ License type Viewer Explorer Creator
1 60 80 Please contact us
2 to 4 42 60
5 to 9 35 45
10 to 14 30 42
15 to 19 25 40
20 or more 20 40

Starting up? No worries: we assist you in setting up the sources and first dashboards so that, with your Tableau Explorer license, you are all set and ready to take off and continue to shape and enrich your cockpit dashboards!

Currently on sale: 2 Viewer accesses offered for 2 months for any subscription to an Explorer license.

An affordable solution

There are 3 ways to publish your dashboards:

  •     Tableau Online;
  •     your own in-house dedicated server; or,
  •     our service

As always, we are eager to offer you the best service at the best price: see on the graph below.
(The cost ‘on premise’ does not include related costs such as the acquisition and maintenance of your server or your internet connection.)

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