Coaching: Gain skills, improve your solution

handsThe great advantage of coaching over classic training is that 100% of the time spent is useful:

No matter how talented a pedagogue may be, for students, to assimilate information for several hours in a row is humanly impossible. Our ability to retain knowledge depends on our level of expertise at the beginning of the training, and on personal factors such as fatigue, or simply psychological availability on the day of training.

Furthermore, to illustrate his point, a trainer needs to provide examples, which are not necessarily those on which you work daily.

Finally, throughout the course, there are inevitably times when one is presented with matter that seems easy and already mastered.

In contrast, you call the coach only when needed to cover the point or points that are problematic.

With a coach, you work on your solution, in relatively short sessions: that allows you to stay focused and enjoy 100% of the time.

Coaching brings a direct added value to your database and gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and therefore your autonomy.

FileMaker Developer, call on the team!

As an “in house” FileMaker developer, you are often alone with the problems. With 1-more-thing coaching, we become a team, and the piece becomes a four-handed piece…

Whether you are an external consultant or an in-house developer, you want to keep control of your development yet be supported in critical phases or on specific points.
Our coaching service offers to assist you during the development of your project.
This solution allows projects developed in-house to stay within very tight budgets while making sure not to go off track, and allows large projects to benefit from additional expertise when needed.

Coaching sessions can take the form you want (phone, video conference / screen sharing, emails …)

Unlike QuickExpertise, which aims to solve a particular technical problem, coaching allows you to have a regular interlocutor who will follow you, whenever you want, throughout your project.