SLA maintenance contract
SLA maintenance contract

Montre NormanaA Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a maintenance contract that guarantees you a response time.

It does not include services but assures you that we will meet our obligation of means within a given time.

This deadline is defined contractually (4 hours, 8 hours…) and can cover periods such as office hours in Europe, 24/24 5/7, 24/7… according to your real needs.

The annual amount is defined according to these periods, as well as other unusual parameters such as special technology, atypical deployment, large number of users, impossibility of service interruption…

A “VIP” contract

The SLA maintenance contract includes more advanced escalation procedures than our standard Help Desk: it even includes privileged access to your assigned contact’s mobile number.

In our Help Desk system, SLA tickets receive priority processing, even if the “normal” flow would allow us to intervene within the contractual deadlines. In other words, our customers with SLA contracts usually have their tickets processed within minutes of sending them in.