FileMaker Training
FileMaker Training

Official FBA Trainer, 1-more-thing is a major player in inter and intra-company FileMaker training, in French, English and Dutch.

  • Training FileMaker intra-company. Call on us to train your team, on your premises or in our training rooms. The training is then adapted to your specific needs. Contact us to plan your training program.
  • Training FileMaker inter-company. Register for one of our training courses (program below). You will benefit from the expertise of a certified FBA Trainer.
  • Coaching is a time credit that allows you to call upon your coach when you deem it necessary, and thus benefit from his knowledge of your project during online sessions. Coaching is perfectly suited to an audience of 1 to 3 people.
Series Objective Brussels
FileMaker User‌ (Introduction)
  • Making the most of your data
  • Understanding the FileMaker platform (build, deploy, share on Mac, PC, smartphone and web)
  • Optimising your processing (searches, sorting, exports,…)
  • Adapting a data presentation model
  • Finding out what’s new in the latest versions
03/12/2019 04/12/2019,
1 day, 350 € VAT excl/pp
FileMaker Developer‌ (Introduction)
  • Designing a relational database
  • Create and adapt layouts
  • Facilitate and control data entry (value lists,…)
  • Use complex objects (external table,…)
  • Learning the basics of scripting
  • Securing and sharing your data
10 & 17/12/2019,
19 & 20/12/2019
08 & 15/01/2020,
23 & 24/01/2020
2 days, 700 € VAT excl/pp

Attendees are asked to bring a laptop computer with a minimum FileMaker version of 16. If you do not have a laptop, please contact us. The latest version of FileMaker can be downloaded for free trial.

The training will take place provided there are at least 3 registrations.

Training includes lunch.