Training: FileMaker User (introduction)
Training: FileMaker User (introduction)

Leverage native FileMaker functions to optimize the encoding, searching, and sorting of data in a FileMaker database.

Many of you have data management tools developed with FileMaker technology. One of the great advantages of this software is that it has many features to make data processing easier.

Others may be using Excel to manage their data and want to find out what could be gained from using real database software.

During the training, we will see how to improve the speed and quality of your data processing with FileMaker.

This training is the prerequisite for the FileMaker Developer training.

General Objectives

Manipulate data (encode, search, sort, export) stored in a Filemaker database.

Learning outcomes

The training aims to bring participants to :

  • Know the components of the FileMaker platform
  • Understand what a relational database is
  • Transform Excel files into a database FileMaker
  • Encode, search and sort data efficiently
  • Export and share data

Topics covered – Key concepts

  • Basic principles of a relational database
  • Encoding and backup of data
  • Searching for data
  • Sorting data
  • Exporting records, sharing data

Target Audience

Anyone who needs to manage data. Users of files developed with FileMaker.

Teaching path

Participants will transform an Excel file containing 5000 contacts and manipulate the data within FileMaker to understand how the information is stored, how to optimize the encoding and what are the best methods to quickly find what they need.

Teaching material

Attendees must have a workstation with FileMaker Pro version 16 or higher.

Throughout the training, moments of sharing alternate with individual work and personal coaching.

At the end of the training, the participants receive the electronic support FileMaker Training Series as well as the slides used during the sessions.


Description of activities per session

Day 1 AM

  • Discover the FileMaker platform
  • Learn basic vocabulary
  • Convert an Excel file
  • Explore display modes (list, table, form)
  • Perform simple searches
  • Searches using operators
  • Complex searches
  • Save Searches
  • Sort data

Day 1 PM

  • Create data
  • Delete records
  • Replace contents quickly
  • Export Data
  • Use the data index
  • Work with multiple windows


Training is provided by a certified trainer (Tanguy Collès, Romain Dunand, Fabrice Nordmann or Andries Heylen)


1 day (9.30am to 5.30pm) : 350,00 € VAT excl. Lunch included.