Optimisation and Security
Optimisation and Security

Optimising and securing your FileMaker Pro solution

You developed or had developed a custom solution that meets your specific needs and you want to improve its performance to use it via the Internet, assess data security, define access rights to your application, or use your LDAP server to authenticate users. Moreover, all this must be achieved without disrupting the operation of your solution.

The skills to do this are relatively rare. Our FileMaker certifications are just one indication of our expertise in these areas.

Thanks to our experience and long-standing involvement in the FileMaker community, as well as our close relationship with Claris, we have acquired an exceptional understanding of FileMaker’s mechanisms that enables us to advise you effectively or take charge of optimising your solution.

In this regard, for a very illustrative testimonial, read the comments from Gilles Brunel of Editomac.