FileMaker solutions to optimise
FileMaker solutions to optimise
2 September 2011 - Author :

FileMaker solutions to optimise

At Editomac, a company recognised in the French-speaking world as an expert in everything to do with FileMaker, I lead the team of developers and provide them with my support and technical expertise. I think I can say that in general, our customers are very satisfied with our developments.

However, recently, one of our projects found itself in an unpleasant situation. Our collaboration with the client was perfect, and the development was nearing completion. We were in the final testing phase, when some slowness appeared during the use in real situations.

Oh, certainly, it was not a generalised slowness, but some were considered – rightly – as very penalising by our client.

Very quickly, these few points put the finalisation of the project in danger: the client lost confidence, and his disappointment was all the greater because our collaboration had been perfect in every respect since the beginning. The production start date was fast approaching, and I couldn’t see how to fix it.

That’s when I picked up my phone and called Fabrice Nordmann at 1-more-thing, whom I had known for a very long time, to ask him for solutions to optimise the application.

The diagnosis was made via remote screen sharing in 10 minutes. Less than an hour later, the database was running with the speed that users had every right to expect.

I plan to systematise the optimisation phase in the future.

My client was of course happy to see that we had found a solution. Once confidence was restored, we were able to proceed with the final production launch.

As a project manager, I am convinced of the extreme profitability of this approach: 1-more-thing’s expertise combined with the opportunity of a “fresh look” at the issue has unlocked the situation in a truly impressive way.

Since then, another person has come to us to optimise his solution (which we had not developed this time) that did not have the performance required for Internet operation. Here again, the 1-more-thing team has performed miracles, since in a few hours, the solution – though really complex – is totally transformed.

I plan to systematise the optimisation phase of our solutions in the future, and experience suggests to me that 1-more-thing could well be an essential partner in this respect.

Gilles Brunel, Editomac

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