Effective and targeted assistance
Effective and targeted assistance
3 June 2010 - Author :

Effective and targeted assistance

Taking Off

I ran into FileMaker many years ago.

This program seduced me because it satisfied my taste for order, organization and my need for freedom in creating personalized solutions.

Without any computer training, I very quickly developed solutions for others, discovering the possibilities of FileMaker according to their needs.

Being independent, development is only one of my many activities but it is the most solitary.

It therefore happens very often that I reach the end of my personal resources. To feel that I may not be on the right track.

It is therefore at these times that it is reassuring and reassuring to be able to call on the effective and targeted help of 1-more-thing.

A few moments spent at their side and here I am again for new adventures! A solution in a pocket and new techniques acquired!

Myriam Lits, Taking Off, Brussels

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