Olivier Gschwind, APOG
Olivier Gschwind, APOG
31 August 2014 - Author :

Olivier Gschwind, APOG

APOG is an IT services company whose skills range from the deployment of IT equipment to the development of application solutions and more particularly in the field of databases. It is in the latter case and when the technology used is FileMaker that we decided to use the coaching service offered by 1-more-thing.

This service is extremely efficient and ensures that you are never “alone” when faced with a problem. Each time we were blocked in a development phase, we contacted 1-more-thing to discuss and a solution was found.

We found the advice so relevant that we decided not only to use this service in “curative” mode, but also in “preventive” mode.

Indeed, from now on, for any file we start, we present it with our approach to the 1-more-thing team to ensure that the tracks we have chosen are the right ones. This good practice has probably already saved us hours and hours of development.

Olivier GSCHWIND – Manager

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