Tailor-made hosting
Tailor-made hosting
1 April 2011 - Author :

Tailor-made hosting

MAGNATIC, as part of its consulting activity, was approached by one of its customers who was looking for a reliable FileMaker hosting solution. This client is a financial company that wishes to provide its employees and clients with a portal enabling them to process their files for some and monitor their developments for others. Security, availability and performance are key elements of the solution sought by the customer.

MAGNATIC, not being a hosting provider, we consulted the European hosting market to answer our client. Among the offers received, 1-more-thing’s fmcloud.fm quickly emerged as this hosting provider’s ability to listen and adapt is so great. 1-more-thing actually gave us a lot of advice on best practices in FileMaker hosting before making us a commercial offer that perfectly matched our needs, all at a very competitive price level.

1-more-thing did not only set up the ordered hosting, it also supported the deployment of the FileMaker server and optimized the operation of the Mac OS X server that runs it according to the application profile observed on the server. The few features of our configuration were thus carried out smoothly and in response times much lower than the signed SLA, to the great satisfaction of MAGNATIC and its customer. Since then, 1-more-thing has not let down its guard and has been with us every day with great reactivity.

We can only recommend this hosting provider who will be able to listen to you and take the right measure of your needs, then accompany you in your evolutions.

Jean Michel Parot, Director


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