CLL Language Centers: the BI to reach and teach
CLL Language Centers: the BI to reach and teach
25 February 2019 - Author :

CLL Language Centers: the BI to reach and teach

Recently, we had the pleasure of seeing a article recounting the success of the technological development achieved for the CLL in the Customer Testimonials section of the FileMaker site.

CLL is a language learning center that organizes courses in dozens of languages ​​for individuals or companies, young people and adults and adapts its offer to each clientele.

Although operating in a competitive sector, where new ways of learning have multiplied over the last decade, the CLL is growing well. Its positioning is due to the quality of services offered and effective management of activities, often the Achilles heel of this sector.

This efficiency, the CLL can attribute to its wise decision, it is now more than ten years, to be equipped with a technological tool having the flexibility required to manage all the operational parameters and to entrust the development to 1 -more-thing. From this partnership, three major complementary and interdependent systems have emerged.


The technological architecture that supports daily management is via a centralized back office developed with FileMaker, called “Corpus” and used daily by the 35 CLL managers.

Corpus is a large-scale application, able to handle thousands of registrations a month, orchestrating nearly 350,000 hours of classes per year, hundreds of trainers and their availability, schedules, rooms and other resources. Corpus also supports CLL’s branches spread across Belgium according to the functionalities adapted to their target markets and all administrative aspects, including billing and accounting exports.


Extranet and consumer website

CLL has several branches and training locations throughout Belgium. To enable the CLL’s 700 instructors to access the course program, submit attendance reports, conduct student evaluations and submit their time sheets, a responsive extranet was built into a custom web publication. In order to achieve the desired performance levels, 1-more-thing completely overhauled the FileMaker php API , as part of an open source project where you can read here and download the code.
In order for potential customers to view an accurate, constantly updated and updated version of the course catalog, the consumer website has been paired with Corpus through an ODBC link. On-line consultation of the course catalog and registration for language training facilitates and promotes transactions.

Tableau Software

The CLL is experiencing strong growth and the establishment of an analysis and steering tool has become essential to ensure the desired monitoring and control and to continue to improve the quality of services.

App overview

Dynamic renditions and visualizations

Reference Libraries
Measurements and dimensions

Sharing modes

Management and planning
Support and operations

Getting started
Show me

Direct connectivity or
In-memory technology
Many sources
supported data

Adoption of Tableau Software

At CLL, Tableau is happy! Managers now have an effective way to analyse trends, measure reach and better understand customers. As for operators, Tableau has given them visual and precise tools that allow them to efficiently and quickly perform complex tasks such as availability search and trainer monitoring.

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