Amazing speed
Amazing speed
23 May 2011 - Author :

Amazing speed is a site that gathers all the information on the automobile in Belgium. is about 60,000 pages of professional car directories, classified ads, promotions, practical advice, official texts… in short, it is a real portal to the world of cars, and all in two languages, of course!

In other words, the quantity and variety of data represents a real technical challenge.

As often, the launch of autolive had to be done quite quickly, and if our strengths are web marketing and content expertise, we were really afraid of the data management aspect, especially considering the short time we had.

That’s when 1-more-thing came in, and suggested that we set up a back office with FileMaker, a technology I didn’t know about.

I am still amazed at how quickly our tool has been developed, on a tiny budget, and with a tool whose flexibility and efficiency are simply unimaginable.

The two consultants who intervened seemed to immediately understand our expectations, communicated perfectly with the web developers who had already made good progress on their side, and finally managed to be ready before us!

Even better, since the launch, as soon as we have an idea for improvement, 1-more-thing intervenes and adapts our solution almost in real time. No deployment, no service interruption… happiness!

Patrick Tondreau, Founder of

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