Artepub : Cultural Ads Posting in Brussels
Artepub : Cultural Ads Posting in Brussels
11 September 2017 - Author :

Artepub : Cultural Ads Posting in Brussels

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Artepub is a Brussels company active in cultural billboards. It promotes shows and cultural activities such as music, dance and theatre, as well as sports events, exhibitions, event fairs and art fairs.

The small structure was created on Paul Vankaster’s initiative some twenty years ago, by sticking posters on construction site palisades. Two people who at the time did everything, evolving at the borders of a posting regulation that was still in draft form.

Since then, through the takeover of companies, Artepub has grown, structured itself, expanded its networks and display points, and its team is made up, in its current form, of about fifteen people.

Genesis of the application

Paul Vankaster has been using FileMaker since its inception in 1997 to help him manage his business. His choice was dictated at the time by the ease of use and speed of development provided by FileMaker. This gave him the opportunity to develop his own application himself, which he particularly appreciated.

Fifteen years later, daily management and tour planning took too much of the management’s time to devote itself properly to growing the company, the number of campaigns and display points. The burden of the continuous development of the application was only adding to it.

Paul Vankaster therefore set out to find a partner who could develop a tailor-made application for him, with the intuition that such a complex problem could only be managed effectively by a tool that would provide him with a perfect visual representation of his operational data.

Artepub : évolution des points d'affichage

“A job that sometimes took me half a day, I now do it in 10-15 minutes…” [Translated]

The application now allows you to view the planning of all ongoing campaigns, but also the position of each of the 8700 display points. It thus facilitates the generation of offers, based on the only locations still available. Thanks to QuickPlanning, the planning of the various tours is automatically carried out according to the posters to be placed or replaced and the interventions to be carried out. Finally, all the company’s processes were integrated into the application.

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Mobility and ecology….

Artepub has a fleet of eight vehicles including two cars and two electric bicycles.

In addition to the economic and ecological aspect of electric vehicles, these bicycles greatly improve mobility in Brussels where traffic is dense. They also facilitate the frequent stops required to place posters. Finally, since the creation of the pedestrian zone, cars have been banned throughout the perimeter since 11 a.m. This difficulty is skillfully overcome by the use of bicycles.

…Ecology and mobility

For tours, using FileMaker Go on iPad has replaced printing hundreds of pages per week.

The mobile application has made it easier to share information between people who manage campaigns and schedules from the office, those who prepare posters in the workshop, and those on the road who are in charge of poster tours.

The photos taken by the agents in the field with their iPad as well as all the information they collect (customer report, degraded frames, necessary interventions…) are synchronized with the server upon their return.

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Paul Vankaster

The application in a few points

  • Centralized, multi-user application that manages all business processes
  • Modularly designed to allow modules to be added or adapted as required
  • Using the same application in a mobile version, on iPad, thanks to FileMaker Go
  • Taking pictures from iPads for incident reporting and customer feedback
  • Interface to facilitate the management of complex data through visual representation in the form of graphs, maps and diagrams
  • Management and geographical location of the 8000 display points

Design and integration into the urban environment

Creating new poster sites is no small task in the city, where the visual environment is already overloaded. Artepub has often shown creativity by proposing, for example, to combine “poster space” with new “design” urban furniture (street ashtrays, bicycle racks, etc.). Artepub also contributes, on its own scale, to the beautification of public space by affixing its displays to existing urban equipment such as electrical distribution terminals or site fences, or by creating new design objects such as cubes or banners hung on streetlights.

Director: Nicholas Blasband, Flyflyfly productions

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