FileMaker at the forefront of scientific research
FileMaker at the forefront of scientific research
8 December 2013 - Author :

FileMaker at the forefront of scientific research

iS2 sas is a clean energy R&D company with a technology brick and a totally innovative approach: a family of photosensitive organic compounds that create devices that can generate AND store energy simultaneously.

The collaboration with 1-more-thing aimed to provide us with a specific and highly confidential software tool dedicated to cybernetic feedback loops concerning our R&D processes, aimed in particular at anticipating, if not predicting, the orientation of certain types of results (organic syntheses, relocation of electrochemical charges… etc).

During this development, the crossover approach of iS2 and 1-more-thing helped us in our research by crossing different cultures which made it possible to detect certain errors in our methodology, and especially helped us to better formulate our needs! Because when we formalize for a third party to the scientific research team, then appear the “glitches” that we do not see (or cannot see!) on our own.

Thereof the interest of an external eye on such a project: the involvement of the service provider!

More about FileMaker and science here.

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