FileMaker Add-ons: our vision
FileMaker Add-ons: our vision
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FileMaker Add-ons: our vision

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#FileMaker #addons are changing the way developers build custom apps.

Earlier this year with the release of FileMaker 19, it became possible for developers to create add-ons, which are reusable pieces of code or full features components of an app that can be implemented in various applications.

1-more-thing, a major Claris Platinum Partner based in France and Belgium, defined a long term vision 3 years ago, when the very first glance at add-ons was made possible with the release of FileMaker 17. Fabrice Nordmann, its founder, made a parallel between the WordPress plugins ecosystem and what FileMaker add-ons could become.

The key of success in this kind of ecosystem is reliability and interoperability.

For a given functionality or set of functionalities, there could be dozens of add-ons available. At the end of the day, you pick one because you know the editor, and you trust the quality and the continuous support of the components, and that the add-ons will operate smoothly together.

This sets a clear vision of where we are going regarding add-ons.

… and it doesn’t stop to vision

1-more-thing was the very first player to make an add-on publicly available on its store, right after the release of FileMaker 19.

We chose FastDateInput, an apparently very simple technique (not so simple in fact) that we’ve used in all our custom apps for a decade and that greatly improves the user experience when entering dates.

Since then, we have released two more add-ons:

  • another ‘simple’ one, Rating, that allows the developer to drag a 5-star rating control onto the interface,
  • and a much more complex one: BugReport, that makes it so simple to implement an advanced bug report system in a FileMaker app.

And as you might expect, more will come very soon.

But our home-made add-ons are only a part of the plan

We have set up an entire platform that goes from building these add-ons to distributing and deploying them, in a streamlined workflow that gives the user an excellent, transparent experience:

  1. Buy from our store
  2. Click on a button in the confirmation e-mail
  3. Install the add-on(s) in your custom app and drag it onto a layout…

It’s that simple.

And because we want to make it even easier for a developer to adapt our add-ons to the custom app UI/UX, we also have defined some rules and guidelines.

Today, we’re calling third party developers to join the adventure.

If you’re convinced that add-ons are the future of custom apps, we’re making our know-how and our platform available to you. Whether your add-ons are free or paid, we can help you finalise, distribute and support them.

Let’s get in touch

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