1MT BugReport
1MT BugReport

1MT BugReport

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Implement a bug report system in your FileMaker custom App… in a fraction of a second.

Once the add-on configured to send bug reports through SMTP* or via Freshdesk API, a user can very easily report an issue by sending a message (including text formatting and attachments)

But BugReport doesn’t stop there, it will also add some invaluable context information to the bug report such as active layout, window mode, application version… making your support and debugging much more efficient.

What’s more, BugReport attaches a Snapshot Link to the message as well as ScriptError.log and env.json (a file containing a lot of relevant information about the user’s environment), so you can put yourself in the user’s situation in no time.

*IMPORTANT,  Google’s smtp (gmail) isn’t supported

Full documentation here


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