Nutshell Console Lite
Nutshell Console Lite

Nutshell Console Lite

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Nutshell Console is the essential companion for any performance-oriented FileMaker developer or admin. Featuring outstanding visualisations, diagnostic tools and a brilliant interface, Nutshell Console is a must.

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Ready for EPIC?

Nutshell Console for FileMaker Server doesn’t give you back, it gives you MORE!

More than outstanding visualisations. Leveraging FileMaker Server various logs, Nutshell Console provides all the tools needed to diagnose an issue: search the logs by keywords (e.g. find the 301 errors Ashley encountered around 2PM), zoom on an activity and see all that happened when it occurred.

Nutshell Console helps to improve responsiveness and proactivity. For example, evaluating a script’s impact has never been easier: shorten log harvest interval directly from Nutshell Console and observe remote calls in real time.

While many more are in the making, we’ve already made available some essential server admin controls in Nutshell Console Lite: enabling/disabling statistics, log collection interval, log size. For other functionalities, access the integrated FileMaker Server Admin Console directly from Nutshell Console.

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Try Nutshell Console Lite for FREE!

*The application must be downloaded onto the server.

… you got it —in real time !

Nutshell Console Lite’s features are impressive but those on the roadmap are completely “nuts” (pun intended!). All new features will be available to you at no extra cost, thanks to the annual license model. Visit our FAQ for more information.

Here’s a teaser of a few nuggets that will be included in future updates as well as some exclusives to Nutshell Console Pro and Nutshell Console Host:

  • better visualisations with improved interactivity
  • new visualisations to make it easier to detect which user is impacting performance
  • statistics on server side scripts (PSoS and schedules)
  • Data API connection logs
  • log viewer: view multiple log files at a time
  • store snapshots to make it easier to compare the current situation to an older one
  • more commands available right from Nutshell Console
  • customizable alerts
  • remote connection to server (Nutshell Console Pro)
  • API for managing multiple remote servers, including full configuration (e-mail settings, backups, folders…) (Nutshell Console Host)

FileMaker Today“It is essential. It is REALLY plug-and-play; and it is now available!”

“The NEW Nutshell Console from 1 More Thing will soon become your new best friend!”

Ross MacLane, FileMaker Today

Manage one local server

Nutshell Console Lite (NCL) is a powerful utility that has all the essential features needed—and some more!—to monitor a local server.

NCL automatically pairs up with your FileMaker Server license installed on the machine.

Just like FileMaker Server license, Nutshell Console Lite license is renewable annually and it can be installed on up to 3 computers (Mac or Windows), for example “prod,” “dev,” and “test.”

NCL is compatible with FileMaker Server.

*The application must be downloaded onto the server.

Download Nutshell Console Lite now and install it on your server. Nutshell Console Lite will automatically pair up with your FileMaker Server license so you can start using it right away. You can try Nutshell Console Lite for 10 days, no strings attached. After 10 days, you will be offered to purchase the license.


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