Adjusto is a SaaS intended for Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) as well as other service centres.

This full featured management system includes a CRM, a spare parts management module and a repair management one. Most of all, it integrates perfectly with Apple’s GSX APIs, and includes a number of automations, allowing the service center staff to focus on service quality and improving the Service Excellence rating.

Tableau de bordBlazing fast, super easy to use (multilingual interface), and managing multiple-POS organizations, Adjusto emerges as the best app in its category.

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When Yann Trauchessec joins 1-more-thing in 2018, he is the manager of GestioTech, a company he created around an eponymous software that equips many repair centers in the French-speaking world (France, Belgium and Switzerland). He himself has a long experience in these centers where he has worked for years, from Montreal to Paris, and knows the business perfectly.

GestioTech is a great product, but for several reasons, including complete API changes at Apple (GSX), it is coming to the end of its career. That’s why we decided to redevelop it completely from scratch and create a brand new product that is much faster than any other on the market, better integrated with GSX, and maintainable in several languages (to date, English and French are supported, but other languages could be integrated).


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