FM AuditLog Pro 2.0
FM AuditLog Pro 2.0

FM AuditLog Pro 2.0

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FM Audit Log Pro 2.0 is an audit trail system that allows keeping track of every data modifications made in your FileMaker database, as well as rolling-back.

Modifications are logged in a separate table or even a separate file.

Thanks to a very simple installation guide, implementation is made easy (requires a Full Access account to your files, as well as a license of FileMaker Pro Advanced (to import a custom function).

Once the system is installed, each modification of the audited tables is recorded.

Michael Heider GmBH
This user friendly tool does exactly, what I needed and didn’t get as build-in tool from FileMaker. It helps me to check where, when and how users enter and edit their data. So I can reproduce why a record is in the state it is and I even can restore deleted records.With the user GUI I can show the users who edited an entry and what was the previous value. Litte effort to install, big help in the field!Dipl.-Ing. Michael Heider, FMC FileMaker Consulting

Roll-back is available, or by simply reverting a single modification (field), or an entire transaction or more. You can even roll-back to a specific timestamp.

Container data are supported, as well as repeating fields. The system is compatible with all versions of FileMaker Pro/Go/Server/WebDirect since FileMaker Pro 13, and supports data-interface separation model.

Although no audit log system can be without a slight performance impact, FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 is optimized for FileMaker Server (Perform Script on Server), so that the user feels almost no difference. FileMaker Server is not required. 

To make you own judgment about FM AuditLog Pro 2.0, download the demo file and watch the video.

There is only one license for FM AuditLog Pro 2.0, the developer one: you can implement as many times as you want. The only limit is that you do not distribute to other fellow developers, and instead recommend the product :)

Frequently Asked Questions :

With FM AuditLog Pro 2.0, can I choose the fields to audit?

No. The choice is at the table level. The reason is that the Roll-back feature would not be able to work without compromising the data integrity.

Is FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 compatible with web publishing ?

Yes and no. FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 is compatible with WebDirect, but not with Custom Web Publishing. It is still possible to adapt your php code to trigger the log script.

Is FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 compatible with FileMaker Go on iPhone/iPad ?

Yes. Wether the solution is hosted on a server or not.

Can FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 log record deletions?

Yes and No. Strictly, no: you won’t find in the log a trace of deletion. But you can use the roll-back feature to cancel the deletion of one or more records. (as well as creation, by the way)

Can FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 log imports?

Yes, if the ‘Execute auto-enters’ checkbox is checked during the import.

Is a Roll-Forward feature foreseen?

It’s built in. It happens when you ‘roll-back’ to a specific timestamp.

Is a plug-in required?

No. Audit Log Pro 1.0 relied on a plugin. FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 is entirely native in order to be compatible with FileMaker Go and WebDirect.

Is the upgrade from Audit Log Pro 1.5 easy?

Honestly ? no :). Regard FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 as a completely new product rather than an upgrade from a previous version.

Download the demo file here : Fmp-file-icon  FMAuditLogPro2


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