Custom apps
Custom apps

Tailor-made development:
the tool adapts to your needs… not the other way around.

  • Creating a new management tool
  • Changing a somewhat antiquated system
  • Adding a module to an existing system
  • Deploying a solution on the web or on mobile phones

If your company or association distinguishes itself by the originality of its approach or methods, you have probably already been confronted with the difficulty of finding suitable management software.
The applications available on the market are not always suitable for your specific needs. Even if some of them have the advantage of being inexpensive, you will later realize that customizing them is laborious, expensive or even impossible.
So why not create your own tailor-made solution? Are you afraid that the cost will be too high? Find out how, with our approach and technology choices, we can deliver custom applications within a reasonable budget, and above all with an immediate return on investment.

Let’s get to know each other

Our first contact allows us to define your request more precisely. How does your business work? What tools do you have at your disposal? What are your needs?
At the end of this exchange, we will be able to provide you with an overall framework for your project: specify an angle of attack taking into account priorities, define an approximate budget envelope, propose a timeline.
Contact us.

The mock-up: a quick start in the real world

Our approach tries to reduce as much as possible the time of the preliminary analysis in order to be directly at the heart of the project. Our experience proves that the best way to refine your needs is to quickly submit an operational mock-up to you. This mock-up will allow us to put your requests into real-life situations: data structure, screen composition, management processes, etc.

FileMaker is a low code development tool that facilitates our approach to operational mock-up creation. It has a series of embedded functionalities that allow us to reduce the amount of code to be produced.
In addition to FileMaker’s native features, we have our own libraries of scripts, functions and templates, the result of many years of development. We draw on these 1-more-thing libraries, updated for each version of FileMaker, to further accelerate and optimize the development of your solution. In no time at all, we can provide you with screens that include not only data entry and display fields, but also operational buttons that trigger the actions you need.

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Good development practices… not just for the sake of it

Why are we so fussy about the quality of our code? Applying coding conventions throughout development is not only a search for the beauty of the code: by respecting these conventions and documenting our code, we ensure that it is understandable for all our developers and that, should the need arise, anyone of us can intervene for you; the respect of nomenclature also allows us to work in a more generic way and therefore to retrieve code more easily to use it elsewhere in your solution; finally, these good practices allow us to ensure the growth of the system’s data (not waiting to have thousands of records to realize that there are delays in some processes and that rewriting has become necessary to optimize them).
Our conventions are published, which allows any FileMaker developer to understand our code.

Design for ergonomics

Our interface designers are more than just graphic artists. Through design, they support the ergonomic principles that will make the solution a user-friendly and intuitive tool: harmonization with your graphical charter, explicit stylistic codes (colors, icons…), fluid navigation, tooltips… Without having to constantly refer to a user manual, just by looking at the screen, you understand how your tool works.

Leaving the door open for change

Once our developments have been validated internally, we submit them to you. Key users react to the test version (evolution of the mock-up) and we process together the feedback of their user experience. We sometimes have to review certain specifications in depth. This is normal: a project must include this possibility of change. In consultation, we review the framework of the functionalities, their priority, their cost and their timing.

Deploying and beyond

Naturally, deploying a solution involves aspects that are purely technical: eventual installation of licenses, configuration of secure accesses, etc. It is also a moment of change that needs to be managed. Once old data has possibly been migrated, users must be accompanied so that they can familiarise themselves with the new tool and exploit its potential. Several formulas are possible: training of key users who then become trainers within their work groups, user manual, remote support… we assist you in this change.

Flexible, dynamic solutions

Now that your solution is up and running, you may want to, for example :

Give access to data via the web

  • Consult using your iPad
  • Add an e-mailing module
  • View data in calendar format
  • Have a notification system for reminders
  • Establish a link to your accounting software
  • View tour itinerary on a map

By mutual agreement, we may have shifted some feature requests to a future release, for reasons of priority, budget, time. Maybe these requests were prompted by changes in your business…
The solutions we provide are of course adaptable at any time, whatever the scope of the request. We will make sure to use the same method to integrate future adaptations and new features.