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This flagship service offers ad hoc technical support to developers. Despite 1-more-thing team members’ benevolent and active participation to discussion forums, some issues require a level of expertise and research time that makes them difficult to resolve in a free and public setting.

QuickExpertise allows you to solve a given problem in record time, and thus not wasting time.

To benefit from QuickExpertise support, simply state your problem using the form below, or by sending us an email. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as one of our advisers will have read your message, and we will agree together the modalities of intervention (email, telephone, IM, video conference …) You can also set a budget limit for the resolution of this or that problem. You can also specify the form you which results to be delivered (simple verbal explanation or in writing, or creation of a demo file …) to reduce the cost.

1-more-thing commits to a result. If we think at the outset that your question is not precise enough or – more rarely – that it does not have an answer, or, if we do not have the availability to respond to you in a timely manner, we will respond immediately, and will not discount your time credit.


The standard hourly rate is 110 € VAT excl. / hour (133,10 € VAT incl.) in increments of 30 minutes, decreasing. You can order a time credit in anticipation of several questions, in order to optimize the cost. For a credit time greater than 10 hours, the price drops to 100 € VAT excl./hour (121.00 € VAT incl.)


Since the creation of this service, 100% of customers have expressed satisfaction, and more than 75% have used QuickExpertise several times.

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