Migration – conversion
Migration – conversion

Evolve your FileMaker solution

Does your solution developed with FileMaker 6 or earlier need to be upgraded? Do FileMaker 18 new features appeal to you? Your computer park evolves and your operating system requires you to update FileMaker?

You need to make a decision

In many cases, a complete rewrite will be the best solution. Developing in FileMaker Pro 18 is much less expensive than in FileMaker Pro 6. Everything goes much faster!

However, in some cases, it may still be more economical to migrate this “old” solution, i.e. convert it to the FileMaker platform-specific file format in use since version 12.

For complex solutions, this process is delicate – to say the least – and requires more than expertise: in this matter, nothing beats experience.

Our experts have dealt with dozens of these thorny cases and we have put in place an effective method and tools, which we make available to you.

Still hesitating between rewriting or migration? Consult with us to make the right decision.