Fabrice Nordmann

“Former film Assistant Director, I started with FileMaker 2 for my own use (managing a project such as a film shoot requires specific tools, which at the time did not exist on the market)

From one thing to another, I became passionate about custom application development and training. What interests me, beyond the technique, is to propose original solutions that really meet users’ needs. In a way, our job is to save the world, because most of our customers rely heavily on the quality of our advice and our solutions to evolve in their business. This must be kept in mind at all times.” [Translation]

F. Nordmann

An eminent member of the FileMaker developers community, he has presented more than 50 sessions at various conferences around the world.

Fabrice Nordmann is a FileMaker Certified Developer

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Tanguy Collès

“It is driven by a real desire to provide service through my professional activity that I began in 1997 the fulfillment of IT tools tailored for associations and SMEs.” What stimulates me is to contribute my experience in data and process management while discovering the specificities of each business and each customer. In this quest, FileMaker appeared to me as the ideal platform to innovate. ” [Translation]
T. Collès

An expert in data analysis and Tableau Sofware, certified since version 8 of FileMaker,  Tanguy Colles’ activity alternates between development and project management, which, being certified Scrum Master, he tackles as an evangelist of Agile methods.

“The Agile methods really echo my approach to a project: sequencing while leaving room for change, quickly adding value, involving the client in the management of his project, valuing and stimulating communication; these Agile pillars really support the dynamics of a project .” [Translation]

An active member of the FileMaker community, he frequently provides training and contributes to key conferences in France and Quebec.

Tanguy Collès is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified FileMaker Developer.

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Romain Dunand

Romain Dunand joined the team in 2014. He works on your projects from Paris. Beyond developing, he plays an important role in IT consulting, technology watch and research and development.

A true leader in web development (he has completely redeveloped FileMaker’s php API) he is also a Tableau Software expert.

Interview of Romain Dunand on the FileMaker website (French)

Romain Dunand is a FileMaker Certified Developer

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Leslie Audigane

After her PhD in biology, two years of research at the Tokyo University Hospital, a Master’s degree in Quality-Safety-Environment (Engineer) and a good six-year career as Quality and Prevention Manager, what does Leslie Audigane want? 1-more-thing! She joined the team to pursue her passion for FileMaker and, to bring her expertise to our clients as a project manager.

Leslie Audigane

Andries Heylen

Internationally recognized FileMaker expert, famous in the developer community for (in particular) his custom functions, his contributions to Open Source (ScriptMaster, Full Calendar) and more than anything, for having presented a legendary session at the FM Conference during which he managed to control a coffee maker with FileMaker, making the phrase “we can do anything with FileMaker, except coffee” obsolete.

Versatile, he is responsible for meeting the major technical challenges, the integration and adaptation of calendars, schedules, agenda to your FileMaker solutions, as well as research and development projects.

… and of course, he also has the responsibility … to make coffee!

Andries Heylen is a FileMaker Certified Developer

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Laurent Spielmann

“Throughout several management positions in various professional sectors, I naturally turned to FileMaker at the beginning of this millennium to manage these activities.” [Translation]L. Spielmann

This long “end user” experience, added to careful listening to the customer’s needs and constraints leads to a clear perception of the result to be obtained.

While his strong knowledge and close collaboration with a team as competent as 1-more-thing ease fine tuning of “technical details”, his natural curiosity and a predisposition to self-training take care of the rest …

Based in Strasbourg, he is your local consultant in Alsace and the Grand Est region.

Laurent Spielmann is a FileMaker Certified Developer

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Laurent Spielmann

Myriam Lits

Myriam wears several hats in the 1-more-thing team. She coordinates and follows up FileMaker licenses, renewals and acquisitions … She participates in the analysis of projects and developments bringing to the table a keen sense of ergonomics for mobile apps. She is our Apple hardware in-house counsel!

Jean-Frédéric Struyven

Jean-Frédéric Struyven has been a FileMaker developer for over 15 years. He found at 1-more-thing the benefits of teamwork and skills complementarity. He is involved in your projects, but also works a lot on internal research and development projects.

Jean-Frédéric Struyven is a FileMaker Certified Developer


Yann Trauchessec

On the shores of Lake Paladru (Isère) there are other treasures than those left by the peasant knights of the year one thousand … One finds there, for example, experienced FileMaker developers like Yann, a multi-language developer with a soft spot for FileMaker.

Navigating the Apple and FileMaker universe for over 10 years, Yann has held various key positions allowing him to have an overview both as a user and as a developer. You won’t help but be seduced by his sharp and refined user interfaces … (a quality seemingly shared by those named ‘Yann’ in this community.)

“What I’m aiming for are easy-to-use applications, with an accomplished and sought-after design, to optimize the time of each user by bringing a real added value to the functionalities being developed.
It is for this purpose that I make a point of being in perpetual search of the best possible ergonomics, by hiding the complexity of an application behind a simple and intuitive interface. By thinking first and foremost about the end user. “[Translated]

Éric Bataille

Eric holds the dual position of developer and Zen Master.

Since the end of 2015, it has mainly been involved in the web publishing parts of your databases.

Éric Bataille is a FileMaker Certified Developer

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Éric Bataille

Ceydrick Valentini

Since 2009, Ceydrick has been exploring the potential of FileMaker to find the best ways to create solutions tailored to user needs.

The famous Topos “Tips and Tricks of FileMaker” presented by Ceydrick at FM Conferences are just the tip of the iceberg of this seasoned developer and project manager. In search of new challenges, he has chosen 1-more-thing and strengthens our Parisian team since December 2017. You will appreciate his methodical and rigorous mind, his versatility and his efficiency.

Ceydrick Valentini is a FileMaker Certified Developer

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Dominique Jacquet

Dominique, a long-time FileMaker developer and Project Manager, joined the 1-more-thing team in 2023

Martine Bollaerts

Martine Bollaerts

Martine is our administrative support and comfort treats provider: we give her our accounting to handle and she gives us delicious home-baked cookies!