IU-Data iOS Switch
IU-Data iOS Switch

IU-Data iOS Switch

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This add-on based on the famous iOS switch allows you to add style and fluid animation to the ergonomics of the radio buttons in your FileMaker solutions!

Simply made with a web viewer, it is possible to configure the web viewer completely independently with a simple copy and paste. Responsive, the size is determined by the size of the web viewer.


  • Modification of the value of an item according to 2 configurable values
  • Value recovery
  • Display of values ​​in the switch
  • Customization of the background color of the 2 switch positions
  • Customization of the background color of the web viewer
  • Responsive size
  • No context needed


  • Claris FileMaker Pro 19 or greater
  • Claris FileMaker Go 19 or greater. Please note that on FileMaker Go 19, switch activation inside the web viewer require a double tap.


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