1MT PDF Viewer
1MT PDF Viewer

1MT PDF Viewer

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A FileMaker extension (Add-on) that allows you to easily implement a streamlined PDF viewer on your layouts, without depending on the installation of Adobe Acrobat, its changing interface, or Claris’ implementation.

Web Direct is supported

Requires FileMaker 19 or newer to install and drag onto your layouts. Once installed in your custom app, PDF Viewer is compatible with FileMaker 18 or greater.


  • display single/multiple page PDF files in full width
  • display images (jpeg, gif, png)
  • display svg
  • display json files (pretty)
  • display text files (txt, csv, tab, log…)
  • display html
  • display audio / video. Options to display controls and autoplay.

Important notice: this PDF viewer is purposedly super simple. There is no feature such as thumbnails, comments, zoom, search… The second parameter of the custom function might be used in future releases to add these features optionally, but for now (version 1.2, they are not included)

License terms:

Single developer: install on your Mac or Windows PC, implement in as many files as you want. You’re not allowed distribute to other developers, including colleagues.

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1 review for 1MT PDF Viewer

  1. Ben G (verified owner)

    Loads much faster then the default FileMaker (using Acrobat reader), runs on both Windows and Mac and doesn’t require internet connection! Only wish is that there is a zoom feature.

    • Fabrice Nordmann (verified owner)

      Thank you for your comment. We might indeed add new features in the future. Version 1.1, released yesterday, supports more file types, and anticipates these features with an extra parameter to the custom function (useless for now, but that might change). Zoom is one of the most requested features, we will certainly look into it -or zoom into it 😉

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