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via its service, 1-more-thing offers a unique hosting service of your FileMaker databases from  $59/ month (49€)


Description 2.0: the number 1 FileMaker hosting platform on Linux and Windows

Upload your FileMaker custom apps and start a free trial now.

The advantages of hosting FileMaker databases are many compared to an installation on your premises:

  • you save a physical server (computer), its maintenance, its security (the main cause of massive loss of data in SMEs remains burglary!), its power consumption …
  • you unload security (regular backups, server security)
  • your databases can be accessed from anywhere, without the need to decrease the security of your network or increase the speed of your connection (bandwidth)
  • your data can be integrated into a website without cluttering your internet connection and reducing overall performance.
  • you get reactive support in the event of a problem.
  • you benefit from professional expertise to secure, maintain and monitor your server
  • and… it’s now even cheaper than running your own on premise server!

Our servers are located in highly secured (Tier III-Tier IV) data centers, with 1Gb/s bandwidth.

We stand out in this hosting market because:

  • we’re the only service running on Docker architecture, and it doesn’t compare in terms of performance;
  • the hosting is managed by real professionals, not by FileMaker developers who have to “get by” with the servers in addition to their usual work.
  • we do not go on holiday by sending you an email like “good luck, we hope that everything will be fine” (true experience!). With us, the service is continuous. We take hosting seriously!
  • the bandwidth is simply gigantic, and really available to you.
  • the data centers (production and backup) comply with the strictest standards (electrical independence, multiple telecom operators …)
  • flexibility. Although we offer standard packages to make it easier for you to navigate the maze of services and features, you do not have to take an upscale package for a single feature. Describe your situation, and we will calculate a custom price.
  • you benefit from advice. All our customers say it is the advice that makes the difference.

An in-depth comparison test, by Nick Lightbody performance by Nick LightbodyAt about half the cost of BASELINE FileMaker Server 19 in a CentOS 7.8
Docker Container supported 3x more users (300%)
with speed being about 4x faster (400%).

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Nick Lightbody


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