What a week!
What a week!
10 March 2020 - Author : - Categories : Blog, FileMaker, News

What a week!

Well, there are weeks when things happen, things!

Of course, the big news last week was the release of Claris Connect.

Our videos in French and English have broken records in terms of number of views, and have been re-published by some specialized media such as


or mac4ever

As a result, we have been awarded the “grade” of Claris Connect Partner by Claris International, which attests to the fact that we have completed the relevant training and are able to advise you effectively on the technical and commercial aspects of the Claris Connect platform.


But good news never comes alone, so two of our products occupy the top two spots in the global FileMaker Marketplace!


#1 : Nutshell Console is a tool that installs on a FileMaker Server and makes it easy to configure and administer certain aspects of FileMaker Server that are inaccessible through the standard Administration Console. Most importantly, Nutshell Console makes it possible to draw statistics, monitor server activity, and easily detect the causes of a problem or slowdown.

#2 : FM Audit Log 2.0 is a native FileMaker solution that developers can implement in their applications to keep track of all data changes. Compatible with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker Web Direct, FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 also provides rollback capability.


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