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As every year in June, the dotfmp unconference took place in Berlin last week, and as every year, it was the best FileMaker events for geeks.

Thank you so much, Egbert, for making this event so interesting and pleasant.

1-more-thing was there with 5 team members (Jean-Frédéric Struyven, Laurent Spielmann, Andries Heylen, Yann Trauchessec and myself)

We saw of course a lot of good sessions and attended many open discussions, among which I’d mention some I considered eye-opening:

And… of course we also presented some:

  • The coolest things you did this year: an open talk right at the beginning of the conference. Many people shared excellent experience and ideas during this unsession. It was really cool (I think)
  • Open talk about data validation. This was a completely improvised session following up a discussion that occurred during another “Open Cowboy Session”, held the previous day by Mads Chirstensen. And again the ‘unprepared’ and open shape of this session made it so interactive and interesting. Ian Jempson sent me this invaluable feed-back this morning:
Hi Fabrice
Was nice to catch up with you at dotFMP.
Also wanted to say that your session on data validation has proved helpful for me this morning as I get back to work. One of our tables has had the business rules change so many times over the years that the older records won’t validate anymore, so I’ve been doing a bit of refactoring of validations and going back to basics has simplified things nicely. Thanks for hosting so many great talks!
  • Andries held a session about OAuth implementations. He showed how he managed to tweet directly from FileMaker using OAuth.
  • ‘While Kevin isn’t here’: Sadly, Kevin Frank couldn’t make it to Berlin this year, but he had prepared a session about the new FileMaker 18 functions While and SetRecursion. So we agreed that I would take over and be his voice in Berlin. So yes Kevin! you were a Berliner.
    I presented those two functions but also derived to recursion in general in FileMaker. There was a lot to say after all. And thank you, Paul Jansen, for the fantastic idea!
  • Andries Heylen then presented a superb and dense session about Webhooks and APIs. He managed to make a lot of different concepts cristal clear.
  • Finally, I held a kind of closing jam session -I guess that’s how you call the last scheduled session, when everyone is already drinking beer ;-). It was an opportunity to present Nutshell Console together with its leading developer, Yann Trauchessec. If I can judge by the ratio attendees/sales, I think the product can be said attractive! thanks to all buyers, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. Oh! by the way, here is the feature request on Community that I tried to explain. Please support it if you liked it.

Finally, I also want to say that it’s so fantastic to find people that can be fascinated by beautiful code such as Agnès Barouh’s functions, or Shaun Flisakowsky’s Tic-Tac-Toe. What a pleasure to share this passion for beauty 🙂

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