Belgacom TV’s VOD (Video on Demand)
Belgacom TV’s VOD (Video on Demand)
1 February 2010 - Author :

Belgacom TV’s VOD (Video on Demand)

At Belgacom TV, I manage the department responsible for the production of film trailers and their looping on a VOD channel, where viewers can buy a film on demand.

The broadcast itself is managed by a specialized system which, although it meets the need, did not leave us the flexibility we needed (creation of playlists according to the audience, bilingualism…)

We therefore opted for a custom solution developed in FileMaker Pro, coupled with AppleScript routines to edit the content of the videos themselves (adding logos, jingles…)

Although this solution was much more satisfactory, ergonomics were still badly lacking, and some problems had been identified. The developer was no longer available, so we called 1-more-thing, which had been recommended to us several times.

Within a few days, our application was transformed. A lot of the work is now automated, the interface is much more intuitive and efficient, and we no longer encounter the occasional problems we had.

Even video processing (HD conversion, logo and subtitle overlaying, etc.) is controlled by FileMaker!

Since then, each time a new idea germinates on our side, their reactivity is impressive and it is generally developed and implemented in the following week!

No doubt for us, 1-more-thing is our long-term partner.

Nicholas Blasband, Belgacom TV

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