Our clients’ satisfaction is our purpose. Discover their testimonials.

Our customers are satisfied and let it be known. Discover a selection of testimonials from customers operating in different sectors. They are a tribute to the quality of service we offer (custom development, coaching, hosting , …) and reveal the relationship we have with our customers.

“Nous avons un outil que d’autres laboratoires nous envient”

11 August 2021 - Author :
L'institut du thorax de Nantes

Laboratoire de recherche académique français, l’unité de recherche de l’institut du thorax à Nantes rassemble 180 collaborateurs autour des pathologies cardiovasculaires, métaboliques et respiratoires. Afin de simplifier le travail au quotidien des chercheurs et du personnel administratif, l’unité de recherche a fait appel à 1-more-thing. Objectif : le développement de deux applications, basées sur la technologie FileMaker. [...]

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CLL Language Centers: the BI to reach and teach

25 February 2019 - Author :

Recently, we had the pleasure of seeing a article recounting the success of the technological development achieved for the CLL in the Customer Testimonials section of the FileMaker site. CLL is a language learning center that organizes courses in dozens of languages ​​for individuals or companies, young people and adults and adapts its offer to [...]

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Maison De Greef – A real gem !

17 August 2018 - Author :

"With the use of Excel spreadsheets, the procedures were slower and the information was not synchronized. Being in the field of luxury, we must be able to devote more time to our customers. This is possible thanks to FileMaker because we save time managing and carrying out our administrative tasks.” [Translated] - Arnaud Wittmann, Maison [...]

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Artepub : Cultural Ads Posting in Brussels

11 September 2017 - Author :
Artepub Logo

Artepub is a Brussels company active in cultural billboards. It promotes shows and cultural activities such as music, dance and theatre, as well as sports events, exhibitions, event fairs and art fairs. The small structure was created on Paul Vankaster's initiative some twenty years ago, by sticking posters on construction site palisades. Two people who [...]

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Olivier Gschwind, APOG

31 August 2014 - Author :

APOG is an IT services company whose skills range from the deployment of IT equipment to the development of application solutions and more particularly in the field of databases. It is in the latter case and when the technology used is FileMaker that we decided to use the coaching service offered by 1-more-thing. This service […]

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Haute Couture

13 January 2014 - Author :

As Director of Marketing and Sales Administration for a Haute Couture House, I needed a very flexible and reliable management system for data processing. The challenge for the company was to offer a tool that communicates key production dates to all employees, as well as to monitor purchasing, customer management, sales administration and, ultimately, the […]

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FileMaker at the forefront of scientific research

8 December 2013 - Author :

iS2 sas is a clean energy R&D company with a technology brick and a totally innovative approach: a family of photosensitive organic compounds that create devices that can generate AND store energy simultaneously. The collaboration with 1-more-thing aimed to provide us with a specific and highly confidential software tool dedicated to cybernetic feedback loops concerning […]

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FileMaker solutions to optimise

2 September 2011 - Author :

At Editomac, a company recognised in the French-speaking world as an expert in everything to do with FileMaker, I lead the team of developers and provide them with my support and technical expertise. I think I can say that in general, our customers are very satisfied with our developments. However, recently, one of our projects […]

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Amazing speed

23 May 2011 - Author :

Autolive.be is a site that gathers all the information on the automobile in Belgium. Autolive.be is about 60,000 pages of professional car directories, classified ads, promotions, practical advice, official texts… in short, it is a real portal to the world of cars, and all in two languages, of course! In other words, the quantity and […]

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Tailor-made hosting

1 April 2011 - Author :

MAGNATIC, as part of its consulting activity, was approached by one of its customers who was looking for a reliable FileMaker hosting solution. This client is a financial company that wishes to provide its employees and clients with a portal enabling them to process their files for some and monitor their developments for others. Security, […]

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